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Creed: The forgiveness of sins

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  • Description: I said we were going to talk about the article of Faith, ‘I believe in the forgiveness of sins’, principally that refers to sins being forgiven, original sin, through baptism. But people sin after baptism, people need forgiveness. Jesus also came to give another type of forgiveness, the type that Zacchaeus received. Forgiveness of sins, it’s a get out of jail card for every time we commit grave sin. That’s what we’ll talk about today. Suppose one of your friends offended you, was nasty, hurt your feelings. But later on they came back and said they were sorry. You probably forgive them, because you’d probably have many different reasons to forgive them. For instances, perhaps you are a person whose of an easy going nature and you don’t want the hassle of a feud, so you forgive. Or maybe you’re a person who forgives the other one, because she moves in better circles. She’s little miss popular, and you want to stay moving in those circles so you forgive her for that reason. Or maybe you just don’t like drama, no great harm hasn’t be done… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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