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Jesus came into the world through a door marked no entrance and left through a door marked no exit

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  • Description: Christmas is certainly about Christians or what Christians like. We like holidays, we like eating well, we like a drink or two or three. We like presents and gifts. I love Christmas, for all these things, they are mad for it in my house. Even a lot of the time we get gifts, they are not even things we are interested in half of the time, but we like the fact that somebody cares about us enough to get us a gift. It’s nice. But Christmas, this whole holiday everything that we have here is because of His birthday. That’s where it all comes from. So yes, Christmas is about Christians, but also Christ and Mass. Seeing as we are in Mass, we’re Christians, it makes sense to talk about Christ, right? So let’s see, who is Jesus Christ? What do people say about Him? What did He say about Himself? And why did He say it? What was the point of Jesus Christ coming here? You have come here today, so I’m going to tell you why… Who is Jesus? I don’t need fancy theology and philosophy to explain this too you. Just think about the facts, a couple very simple facts. This is a person, who without ever picking up a pen, is the one who set more pens in motion, who had more works of art commissioned, more than any other person in the past or in the present. I’m not just talking about individuals, I’m talking about them put together. That’s Jesus. I can talk to you now, about just two moments of His life. I don’t have to say anything about all the things in the middle. It’s not necessary. His life was marked with two impossibilities. One at the start and one at the finish. At the start, a Virgin’s womb and an empty tomb. Jesus came into the world through a door marked no entrance and left through a door marked no exit. That’s a fact. Jesus did impossible things and people like talking about impossible things. And they have talked about it. What did they say? Let’s have two representatives here… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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