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God saw us in this condition perishing!

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    The rebellion of our first parents resulted in them being cast out of paradise and as a consequence, we who are destined to be in paradise were cast out with them. The gifts which God had given to our parents, the gifts of integrity; that is first and foremost the clearness of intellect, secondly, the will to do that which we wish; that is the good for which we were created, thirdly the control over our senses and our body and of course we must not forget the gift of God’s own life in our souls. These and other things are the preternatural gifts, which we lost. And so we were cast out into the world. A world that is angry with us, that is, we would have to struggle with the soil to get our daily bread. God saw us in this condition perishing. But even as He punished our first parents by casting them out of the garden, He promised them a redeemer.

    The offence against God is necessarily infinite. A finite act indeed it is, but the effects are infinite because of whom we have rebelled. We have rebelled against an infinite God. It was not possible for a creature to repair such damage and so God Himself put on our humanity, taking flesh in the womb of the virgin so that He might make that reparation. So God Himself would pay the debt of our offence. And because He is God and infinite in all His perfections, using the instrumentality of our bodies, He was able to make a reparation of infinite value, for the infinite offence that had been committed. How would He do this in His human body? He will give us an example and more than that, He would instruct us so that our intellect might once more receive the light for which it had been created. He would give us His sacraments, by which our wills would be strengthened. He would give us a promise by which we would make the necessary effort to control our senses. And He would promise at the end of it, not paradise, but heaven itself… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

    By Fr Linus Clovis


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