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All Saints Day, honouring the saint is for our good…

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  • Description: Today we celebrate the feast of all saints. On one occasion, someone asked our lord a question, “Lord will there be many saved?” and our Lord’s response was “Enter by the narrow gate.” The question of course is foolish in itself; but as we heard in the first reading there was a huge crowd impossible to count of those who are praising God. Whether many are saved or a few are saved, is not really the question to ask. The question that we have to ask is “Will I be saved?”. When we celebrate the feast of all saint or indeed when we celebrate the feast of any saint, we are not contributing anything to the saint. We cannot give the saint anything, because the saint has everything. They have Christ, they’re in heaven, their salvation is secure and the beatific vision is fully occupying them. But honouring the saint is for us, it’s for us in as much as, we are keeping our eyes on those of our brothers and sisters who have gone before us. Those who have overcome the enemies of our souls, the world the flesh and the devil. They have gone through the struggle and so when we look at their life, it gives us encouragement in our own. When we see what they have overcome, it gives us hope that we likewise can overcome. When we see their fidelity to Christ in the midst of the trials, it gives us encouragement in our own fidelity… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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