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Did our Lord really have brothers?

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  • Description: Our Lord had found Himself in conflict with the authorities. There was concern for His life according to Saint Mark, His brothers thought that He was beside Himself, that He was mentally ill and so they came to take charge of Him. Saint Matthew doesn’t give us that particular detail; he simply says that the mother and brothers of Jesus appear. Our Lord is in the midst of teaching the crowds and the messenger comes in saying, “Your mother and your brothers are outside and they want a word with you”. Now from this simple text, those who are less trusting of the Church will immediately say that Our Most Blessed Lady was not a virgin, that Our Lord had other children. As Christians, the first and foremost thing we must do is trust the Church because being founded on the Apostles and being the ark and pillar of truth she cannot possibly err and if she teaches us dogmatically and definitively that our Lady was a virgin before the birth, a virgin during the birth and a virgin after the birth of Christ, our first duty is to believe it. Otherwise we simply set up ourselves as an authority greater than the Church or to put it another way, we refuse to believe God, we prefer to depend on our own understanding. Which is the essence of Protestantism and the backbone of every heresy. No we believe the Church first; we even doubt ourselves rather than doubt the Church when she teaches dogmatically. The question of our Lord’s brothers is not a new one… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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