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The mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven are revealed to you!

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  • Description: Our Lord did not always speak in parables, and we need to remember it’s not just His words, but also His actions that are parables. So for instance when He spat on the ground and made the pace, that was a parable. A parable is essentially a sign or a story that has deeper meaning, one that goes beyond the actual action of the words that were used. So He used to speak plainly and what was the consequence? They said that He was possessed by demons that He acted on the power of the demon. They said that even when He brought people closer to God, this man is not from God. They called him a Samaritan and so on. And so to lessen the gravity of their offense, the Lord speaks in parables. So those that are well disposed, would understand and those that who were ill disposed would not and so would not be judged as seriously as if they had known. So essentially there are those who are unworthy of hearing the truth, then there are those whom are ungrateful because they’ve received the truth and do not appreciate it and of course there are those that welcome the truth and make the necessary conversion as a consequence of the truth. So the Disciples ask Him, “Why do you speak to them in parables”? The simple answer is because there were many who were not worthy and there were others who were ungrateful. But those who are found worth and those who express gratitude do not loose anything by the parable, because holding onto the parable, there understand even the deepest of mysteries… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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