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Natural ability doesn’t lead us to salvation

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    The preaching of the Gospel should bring joy to all of us. The preaching of the Gospel is nothing other than the call to repentance and the conversion of the sinner. The joy of the Gospel is nothing other than the children returning to their father’s home. Of course the joy of the Gospel is nothing other than the possession of the Holy Spirit. And we’re told filled with joy by the Holy Spirit, Jesus explains, ‘I bless You Father Lord of Heaven and Earth’. Our Lord says that there is more rejoicing among the Angels of God over one repentant sinner than over multitude that have no need of repentance. That doesn’t mean it is better to be a sinner, it does mean, however, that sinners should convert; they should believe and possess the life that God is giving. It is this very sharing of life that gives joy.

    But Our Lord blesses His Father and He rejoices because children are being given the revelation of salvation. It is not those with ability who arrive at salvation because of their ability but rather because they’re children. So He says for hiding these things from the learned and cleaver. So the natural ability doesn’t lead us to salvation, rather it is the child like disposition that we have that leads to salvation. So the learned and clever can indeed be like children and it is because they’re children that they will accept the good news of the Gospel.

    In a similar way, and this important as we approach the year of mercy - It is not poverty that saves us, because, material poverty by itself is neither good nor bad. There is no virtue in being materially poor. There is however great virtual in being spiritually poor. Which is what Our Lord spoke of ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit’, that is the little ones who have no one on who to depend except God. And for that reason we think of the Widow Our Lord spoke of, the one who put the two small coins, all that she had to live on. Not only was she showing her spiritual poverty but her total faith and dependence on God.

    By Fr Linus Clovis


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