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God will provide the graces necessary for your state in life - Feast of St Joseph

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  • Description: So great is this feast, that we break our Lenten penances, our fasting, our abstinence and we rejoice because of this great saint about whom we know so little and yet such a great deal. We know little because the scriptures give us little about him and about his life. Not even his words are recorded in scripture so he is the saint of silence. Yet there is a great deal to be deduced from this. St Joseph has many, many clients, many of the saints, exalted in him. Among them was St. Bernardine of Sienna. In his writings on St. Joseph, St Bernardine said ‘When God chooses a person for a particular vocation, a particular calling’, that includes all of us, ‘He gives the corresponding grace.’ So if we are called to the priesthood, there is a particular grace for it. If we are called to the married state, God will provide the graces necessary for that state. If we are called to the single life or consecrated life, God likewise will provide the graces. If we are called to government, to be the head of the nation, God provides the grace. Whatever state of life we’re called in, the corresponding life will be available. Now, our Blessed Lady was called to the highest of all states that is to conceive the eternal Son of God in her womb. There God showered her with graces, with so many graces, she was called full of grace. If she is full, no more could be added, because of the dignity to which she was called, to be the mother of Saviour, the mother of the Creator, the mother of God. For this task she needed… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

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