Parenting Talks

Parenting Talks

Will your Child still be Catholic in 10 years?

It is an increasing plaint of Catholic parents who have tried to raise their children in the Faith “I do not understand why our children do not share our values, our Faith and our approach to life issues”.

Today more and more parents sorrow to see their teenagers like lemmings: following the crowds, following the normative culture and in many cases are indistinguishable from other children raised in non-religious homes.

Most Catholic parents make efforts to send their children to good Catholic schools in the hope that, the school will promote the Catholic tradition and culture as part of the learning process.

But are Catholic children any more pro-life or informed and committed to the Catholic cause and sense of morality than their non-Catholic peers? Are Catholic teenagers any less likely to cohabit, contracept, be promiscuous, or abort than teenagers from non-religious backgrounds?

According to research, being normally Catholic gives little protection against the secular world’s values. For parents who do nothing more than send their children to Catholic school and go to Church on Sunday often find their children are as susceptible to the behaviours and values of their secular counter-parts.

Family Life International’s programme is aimed at parents and is run in Catholic parishes. Its focus is to help and equip parents with the necessary knowledge, tools and practices they need today, to give their children a chance that they make keep and love the Catholic Faith in their adult years.

If you would like the Programme brought to your parish please contact use at FLI.


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