Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation

Preparation for a vocation to marriage and Natural Family Planning

Family Life International is actively engaged in parish pre-marriage training programmes. Over the years we have instructed hundreds of couples, how to plan their family naturally.

It has been an opportunity to teach couples about Humanae Vitae, and about the immense physiological, psychological and spiritual dangers associated with birth control methods.

Few couples today have ever heard of Humanae Vitae and the Catholic Church’s teaching concerning family planning, and even fewer had ever heard of Natural Family Planning. However, after undertaking the pre-marriage course the overwhelming majority of couple showed great interest in living in accordance to the Church’s teaching.

The course is designed for engaged and married couples. It gives them a solid insight to the Church’s teaching on human sexuality as well as the physiology of fertility. The couple will have a sound understanding of the serious problems associated with birth control and why the Catholic Church regards it as intrinsic disordered. They will also have a comprehensive and practical understanding of Natural Family planning and be provided with all the resources necessary to use these techniques.

To participate in a course or to have the course taught in your parish write or call us.


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