Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning

Self Awareness & Fertility Evaluation

Nature has given women a highly effective, built-in system of fertility regulation. SAFE utilises nature's own fertility cycle and so eliminates the need for artificial devices and drugs when managing fertility. As its name implies the SAFE system does not in any way, interfere with or interrupt the natural functions of a woman's body and consequently poses no threat to her well-being.

Planning your family or avoiding a pregnancy.
Evaluating your fertility.
Having some difficulties conceiving.
Learning about and becoming aware of your fertility.

SAFE is a new, natural and modern way to plan your family. It is easy to use, effective and reliable.

SAFE is a natural modern method of fertility awareness based on the Ovulation Method, which has been proven by the World Health Organisation to be 99% effective. The Ovulation Method is one of the most tested methods of family planning and is used widely by millions of women around the world.

SAFE relies on the charting of the fertile and infertile signs which all women experience throughout their menstrual cycle.

The SAFE system contains all the resources needed to plan your family naturally, including a specially designed Fertility Evaluator, a comprehensive manual, audio cassette, charting resources and a digital thermometer for those who may be having difficulties in conceiving or those wanting to use temperature as an additional guide. The resources are secured in a custom designed personal binder. Also available is Dr Evelyn Billings's book on controlling fertility without drugs or devices.


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