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Nov 06 2010


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Fr Linus Clovis Director of Family Life international


Nov 06 2010

Ideas have consequences

By Fr. Linus Clovis PhD

November 2005. Written in New Zealand.

Ideas have consequences. Their consequences may not be immediately evident but they will, as surely as day follows night, invariably reveal themselves.

Nov 06 2010

Author Martin Amis calls for euthanasia booths in UK's street corners to prevent a 'silver tsunami'

By Vanessa Allen

Last updated at 7:50 AM on 25th January 2010 The Daily Mail

Martin Amis: The author has called for euthanasia booths on street corners and said 'the denial of death is a great curse' Euthanasia 'booths' should be established on street corners for pensioners to end their lives with 'a martini and a medal', novelist Martin Amis said yesterday.

Nov 05 2010

Married Christians Less Likely To Divorce If They Practice Catholicism

Most statistics indicate that the overall divorce rate in the United States, among all people, religious or non-religious, is about 40% to 60%. The range is based on an average between first marriages, second marriages and third marriages. A first marriage has about a 50% chance at survival in the United States. Chances of survival go down with each consecutive marriage.

Now based on this information, and the statistical graph above, we can instantly see that the practice of any Christian religion does significantly help the survival chances for a marriage. Case in point; if the married Christian couple practices Catholic or Lutheran Christianity, the divorce rate is about 21%, which indicates the marriage has about a 79% chance at survival. If the married Christian couple practices Baptist Christianity, the divorce rate is about 29%, which indicates the marriage has about a 71% chance at survival. If the married Christian couple practices one of the new trendy "nondenominational" forms of Christianity, the divorce rate is about 34%, which indicates the marriage has about a 66% chance at survival.

What I find interesting about these statistics is that the more "ancient" and "traditional" the form of Christianity, the more likely a marriage is to survive. Granted, these are statistics, and based on an overall picture. We cannot apply them to each and every individual couple, and of course, there are always exceptions to every statistical rule. However, when we're looking at odds alone, we find that the best chance a marriage has at survival, in our incredibly decadent culture, is for the couple to practice some form of Christianity. However, of all the different forms of Christianity, Catholicism is one of two that is MOST LIKELY to increase the chances of a marriage survival. The only Protestant form of Christianity that compares is Lutheranism.

Nov 05 2010


A Political Agenda Is Trumping Science, Says Rick Fitzgibbons

Amid the push for same-sex unions in Canada and the recent overturning of Texas’ sodomy law, an aspect of the underlying issue is sometimes overlooked: the medical consequences of homosexual behavior.

To shed light on the medical and scientific research into same-sex attraction and homosexual behavior, ZENIT approached Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons. Fitzgibbons is a principal contributor to the Catholic Medical Association’s statement on “Homosexuality and Hope.”

Nov 05 2010

Morality method of Family Planning

By the Couple to couple League

Couples choose to practice Natural Family Planning for a variety of reasons. Important to many people is the issue of morality.

The services of the League are open to all regardless of religious affiliation or conviction, but that doesn’t mean that we teach NFP without moral and religious convictions.

Nov 05 2010

Response to Tony Blair’s Antics

by Fr Linus Clovis PhD

Tony Blair tells the Pope: you're wrong on homosexuality

(L'Osservatore Romano/AP) April 8, 2009 Times Newspaper

Nov 04 2010

If you promote NFP, Vocations will come

Humanae Vitae, Morality & Ethics, Vocations Add comments

It is [was] National Vocation Awareness week January 10-16.

[I had written this post a couple weeks ago, but had difficulty with my audio player plugin. Forgive my tardiness. But, hey, every week is vocations awareness week!]

Nov 04 2010

Cohabitation reflects badly on children

by Kedidimetse Mpolokeng

Cohabiting is a small but growing way of life in many countries. Families have changed in the last several decades.

Instead of getting married, many people are living together or 'cohabiting'.

Nov 04 2010

AIDS, Condoms and Sex Education

Descriptive Title: Sexual Abomination and Desolation

Author: Dr. Claude E. Newbury


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