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Mortal Combat against the Culture of Death

By Dr. Claude E Newbury

I dedicate this talk to Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the pro-life movement and begin with a prayer.

“O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon England, Thy Dowry, and upon us who greatly hope and trust in thee”.

By Dr. Claude E Newbury

I dedicate this talk to Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the pro-life movement and begin with a prayer.

“O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon England, Thy Dowry, and upon us who greatly hope and trust in thee”.

This talk deals with our obligation to engage the Culture of Death in Mortal Combat. A most evil Culture that is now dominant, having supplanted the former Christian Culture. Blessed Pope John Paul II, defined it in Evangelium Vitae. As Catholics and members of the Church Militant, we are compelled to oppose it. In Evangelium Vitae Blessed Pope John Paul II says “everyone has an obligation to be at the service of life”. I shall often mention Culure which may be defined as the Ideas, Beliefs and Values found in a society.

I shall tell you of disturbing and bewildering things and speak in direct and sometimes critical language, not attempting to hide or blunt the horror and evil of the prevalent Culture of Death. What I say will be well known to those who have seen long and meritorious action in the pro-life movement. Furthermore I present this talk as my own particular view.

I pray that it will serve as a reality check and a rallying cryI intend it to remind us of what is at stake, who and what we fighting against and to increase our determination and courage. For those who perhaps have not yet been in battle, I pray that this talk will encourage you to use all your talents and strength in the pro-life movement.

In his book, “Abortion, the Silent Holocaust”, Fr. John Powell says “The God who comes to comfort the afflicted also comes to afflict the comfortable”. Sometimes in the brutal Culture War that we are now fighting, we may be lulled into a lack of urgency and commitment. Should this be the case I hope that this talk will help to dispel any such lethargy.

Many are tempted to adopt an attitude of indifference to this dire situation and to try to isolate themselves from it. Saying “If society is hell-bent on destroying itself, I really can’t do anything much about it. So I will simply attend to my own salvation”. Or worse become like Lotus-Eaters, narcotised by this culture and letting our lives and opportunities slip by. Forgetting if we dare, that God vomits the lukewarm from His mouth.

We simply cannot sit back and watch the world stumble towards perdition. We are in fact our brothers keepers. At my final judgment, I fear to hear Jesus say to me “When I was being aborted you did not defend me”. When I was denied you did not speak up for me”. Rather I hope to hear children, now safe in the arms of Jesus, cry out, “Lord be merciful to him a sinner, do not condemn him to everlasting punishment, he tried to love you and show that love by defending life.”

This talk is intended to stimulate, edify, nurture, exhort and encourage us and revive in us a state of consciousness in stark contrast to the Culture of Death which surrounds us and is relentlessly corrupting, strangling and destroying us. In reality all by baptism and confirmation are called to bear prophetic witness in society to Christ.

Asking you to kindly keep these introductory remarks in mind, I now proceed. Praying as I do, that what you are about to hear, irrespective of my imperfect thoughts and words, are things that the Holy Spirit has moved me to say.

I come now to the field of battle. To mortal combat with the Culture of Death.

It is imperative to remember that in this struggle to defend human life we are not simply opposing evil people or vile ideologies or wicked organisations but that we are locked in mortal combat with the most terrible of all enemies, with the powers of darkness, with the Evil one himself and his demonic legions.

If we, even for an instant, imagine that we can, by means of our own strength, oppose such abysmal evil we will immediately be in the most appallingly hopeless and dangerous situation. When we move against the prime enemy of God, remember that of ourselves we can do nothing. Without God’s protection Satan will sift us like chaff. However when we act as instruments of God and place ourselves under His protection, subjecting ourselves without reservation to His command then we shall most surely be enabled to oppose him and do good.

In our Mortal Combat against the Culture of Death, we also place ourselves under the protection of the Most Holy Mother of God whose heel shall crush the head of the vile serpent, and of St Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family, Patron of the Universal Church and Terror of Demons.

Let us consider the stark and shocking reality of our situation. In any battle it is essential to survey the battleground, to study and to gather information about the plans and tactics of the enemy and the strength and disposition of his forces. To understand how the enemy thinks and operates, to discover his strategic objectives and anticipate his moves. How his propaganda machine works and where he has planted traitors and secret agents amongst our own forces and what human weaknesses and cowardice in our ranks he exploits in his quest to destroy human life. Unfortunately this subject is far too large to be covered in 60 minutes but perhaps it will serve to encourage you to explore the battlefield and study the plans and tactics of the enemy on your own, allowing you to amplify and develop what I say.

Later I shall predominantly speak to the rational side of your intellects but for now I ask you to withdraw with me into the land of your imagination and your emotions. To come with me into the land of dreams, and of the most appalling nightmares.

Imagine that you have fallen asleep, and that during the course of an almost unending and terrifying night you are tormented by ongoing, almost unspeakably evil, nightmares.

In these horrifying dreams you live in a country where every day, more than 600 very young children are murdered in the most deliberate and brutal manner. They are calmly and skilfully executed by trained medical assassins in hospitals, clinics, consulting rooms, and even in domestic residences. Drugs and devices designed to kill unborn children are widely available. Although taxes are used to pay for most of these abortions some assassins work in private clinics where they are paid directly by the parents of the children they kill. Sometimes medical insurance schemes are used to subsidise these killings.

This slaughter is at the request of the mothers of these children. Many reasons are given for this, such as: that these children are inconvenient; they are burdensome; they could harm the physical and mental health of their mothers; they are surplus to the needs of their parents or the country; they would ruin the lives or careers or even the glamorous bodies of their mothers; they are imperfectly formed; the mental health of the mother would suffer in having them; these children were conceived in acts of rape or incest or unlawful carnal knowledge. But mostly they are killed because they are “contraceptive failures”.

They are killed with almost unimaginable cruelty and brutality, by means of specially designed knives, instruments, suction devices, drugs and poisons.

In this nightmare you feel the shocking pain of abortion. In your nostrils is the nauseating smell of death. You hear the silent screams of agony as these children are murdered. In your dream your guardian angel allows you to see the tears that look like tears of blood that Jesus, His most holy Mother and the guardian angels of these aborted babies shed.

Those killing these children do so antiseptically. Often they use anaesthetics and sedatives so that mothers don’t feel pain or are able to see the appalling brutality of how their babies are murdered inside them and also so that they won’t see the bits and pieces of what only a few short moments previously were their babies

Most women who terminate their pregnancies in this way don’t seem to care much at the time You hear Mother Teresa of Calcutta say “you can scrape a baby out of a mother’s womb but you can never scrape that child out of her heart and soul” and you weep bitterly for the women and their aborted babies.

To encourage women to have abortions the doctors and nurses tell them that the babies can’t feel painIt seems that they think killing is acceptable provided that it done the painlessly. You remember that the victims at Auschwitz were killed painlessly. To further soothe any qualms that women may feel, the abortionists tell them that in reality what they take out of their wombs are not babies, but are simply foetal tissue; clumps of cells; blood clots; products of conception; and embryonic tissue. The usual euphemism given to this particular form of murder is “Termination of Pregnancy”, abbreviated on the operating-theatre lists to the soothing even blander T.O.P. For mothers who are hesitant and know the truth about abortion and what is going to be killed inside them they assure them that it is legal and their Reproductive Right.

You ask your Guardian Angel, how this shocking evil is possible in a land where the national flag incorporates the glorious flags of St. George the defender of chastity and St Andrew the Apostle.

In this terrible dream you find yourself standing inside Auschwitz and you hear Nazis say that the human beings that they murder are not human in a full or proper sense, they are human parasites, oxygen wasters, human waste, and subhuman types, in fact, they are “untermenschen”.

You are so numb with horror at what you see and what you hear, that you cannot move. The air you breathe is foul and tainted with death; the earth you walk on is soaked in innocent blood, you hear the growls, screams, curses of the demons.

Since the time of Auschwitz, the killing of helpless human beings continues unabated. The difference being that way back the killers were brought to trial at Nuremburg, while nowadays, society condones this silent holocaust of abortion and even honours the killers. You remember the 6 million people murdered in death camps during the Second World War but you know that now in the UK alone more than 7 million children have been murdered by legal abortion since 1968.

Those who kill these babies dismiss all evidence, such as “The Silent Scream” and “The Eclipse of Reason” showing babies trying to escape from the abortionist’s instruments. Abortionists refuse to show women coming to them scans of their babies or let them hear the baby’s heartbeat because when most women see their babies or hear their hearts they refuse abortion. Like other kinds of murderers they try to hide and conceal the evidence of their abominable crimes.

In this dream you cry out, Stop, Stop, in the name of God Stop! For the most part the murderers take no notice of you. Often when you try to confront them and their supporters, they tell you that you an “anti-choice Nazi idiot”, are being emotive, that you must be “some kind of religious nut” or a “fanatical Catholic”. When you stand praying outside the abortuaries they call the police to arrest you. If the press allow the publication of a letter protesting about this murder, the killers will often threaten you with legal action, for, amongst other things, defamation of character. Your action is seen by the killers and their agents as the reprehensible crime of trying to obstruct “a woman’s right to choose”.

These abortions are authorised by the government who owns and subsides most of these human abattoirs, and collects statistics about numbers of abortions. The government also supervises these abortuaries to ensure that they conform to modern standards of practice and are run in hygienically, “safe” and cost-efficient ways.

Clearly “Safe” legal abortions are always fatal for the baby. They are specifically designed to kill babies and for the babies killed it is irrelevant whether they are killed in state hospitals or in “back streets”, they are equally dead in either environment. So the safety aspect only applies to the mothers not to the babies.

In your nightmare you see doctors trying to ensure that infertile women become pregnant by in-vitro fertilisation. In the test-tube-baby industry if instead of the one desired child there might happen to be twins or triplets or even more, then these same doctors will stab and kill each of the surplus babies. A process blandly called “Foetal Reduction”. A short while later these very same doctors perform abortions on other women who don’t want children While most of these terminations are paid for by public taxes, there are also organisations in this benighted land who are classified as Charities, (Brook Foundation, Marie Stokes, British Pregnancy Advisory Services, Well Woman Clinics, Planned Parenthood) who solicit funds from the public and from the state to carry out abortions which they deem to be a “public service” and in accordance with the right of the mothers of “unplanned” babies to kill them. You cry out to your Guardian Angel and say, “How it is possible that people allow these evil organisations to call themselves Charities. Surely, charity means love, compassion, sacrifice Surely it means the love of God and because of Him, love of our neighbour. In contrast these vile organisations are key agents of the culture of death. How, dearest Angel, how”?

You protest at the corruption of language used to destroy morality and life. They call an unborn child a foetus because they wish to disguise its humanity in order to facilitate its killing by abortion. Would anyone you know ask a pregnant woman if her Foetus is moving yet, or when her foetus is due? This language is used to try to confuse women. But women who have had abortions know that they have killed their babies. After all the facts of human development in the womb are general knowledge. Fashionable women’s magazines often feature beautiful pictures of unborn children and talk about the astonishing development of children in the womb. But despite their sure knowledge of who they are killing the abortionists say that they don’t kill babies, they simply terminate pregnancies; remove products of conception; evacuate uterine contents or Regulate the periods.

They promote “reproductive rights” when they want abortion; they speak of Family Planning when they destroy families and eradicate children. They speak of Women’s Rights but ignore unborn women.

Similarly the agents of euthanasia, speak of Death with Dignity when they kill aged, severely handicapped, vulnerable or terminally ill people by active and passive euthanasia. Essentially they bring about this “death with dignity” by dehydration and starvation. Once again the killing must be disguised.

You remember that the Lord of Life said “the devil is the father of lies and a murderer from the Beginning”.

You see the pitiful remains of aborted babies being disposed of by incineration and garbage disposal grinders, apart from those bits that might be useful. The useful parts are “harvested”. Some parts are used for scientific purposes, some to produce vaccines, some to replace organs and parts of other individuals whose lives are considered to be more valuable than those who are cannibalised in this way.

Some embryos are kept in cold storage as spare parts for siblings who might need to cannibalise them later.

Apart from killing unborn children by surgical means, the society you find yourself in during that long and life-changing nightmare, also relies on human pesticides as “family Planning” Drugs and devices. About 95% of women use abortifacient birth control drugs and devices such as “the pill” and the IUD, the “Morning-after Pill” and RU486 the “French do it yourself abortion pill”. All these methods of “Family Planning” destroy very young human beings just a few days after their lives begin at conception. Generally these things are used to allow unlimited sexual activity without the risk of pregnancy. Children conceived while their parents use these methods are viewed as “Contraceptive Failures” and this kind of failure is easily corrected by abortion.

You see medical scientists experimenting on tiny human beings, cloning them and keeping them in scientific Concentration Camps, not surrounded by barbed wire and machine guns, but surrounded by liquid nitrogen. The Doctors and scientists engaged in this work, just like the unspeakable Dr. Mengele, “The Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, experiment on helpless, captive, innocent human beings. Your mind goes back to those Nazi experiments on the immersion of captives in freezing water when you see human embryos immersed in the abysmal cold of liquid nitrogen.

This unending night of horror continues. You see “surplus embryos” and embryos in cold storage reaching the end of their “shelf-life”, being destroyed by incineration or being washed down the laboratory drains. You see doctors searching for handicapped babies in the womb, so that such imperfect children can be killed before birth. A kind of “search and kill operation”, not now taking place in Pakistan to find and kill deadly enemies like Bin Laden, but “search and kill operations” to find and kill helpless innocent handicapped children in the womb. This killing is thought of as “preventive medicine”.

The womb that once was the safest of all places is now the most dangerous place for human-beings. There are at least 70 million surgical abortions performed each year around the world apart from the unknown numbers of babies aborted by Family Planning drugs and devices.

You see handicapped newborn babies who have somehow escaped detection in the womb being killed by dehydration and starvation after birth in nurseries, an appalling process astonishingly known as the “Benign Neglect of Handicapped Newborns”. You remember that amongst the few words Jesus spoke when he was dying on the Cross was “I thirst”. So terrible was that thirst that the unimaginable agony of the nails, the thorns and the previous almost fatal scourging were somehow less than that awful thirst.

In your nightmare you seem helpless to stop this wholesale murder. The media generally ignore objections to it or infinitely worse they regularly support and promote this kind of slaughter. In your anguish you ask your friends and neighbours why they cannot see what is happening and ask why they don’t oppose it.

The media will not expose the evils of Birth Control programs exported to faraway lands where the people are not yet conditioned to eradicating children. Furthermore, your country sees this exportation of population control, depraved sexuality and abortion as “Aid to the Third World” and as “Overseas Development” Programs.

In your dream you say that if you go to your parish church, your fellow Catholics will listen to you when you tell them about what is going on. Surely they will share your anguish and will unhesitatingly join you in a crusade to stop this brutal mass destruction of morality and children.

But to your utter horror, when you tell them, your priest and bishop of this terrible soul destroying wholesale slaughter most of them only look at you with dull and unresponsive faces and turn away from you. They don’t want to get involved; they think that you are wildly emotive, getting things horribly out of perspective. You plead, “Please don’t be like doubting Thomas. Come and see the stark evidence for yourselves”. Worse still a few will assert that “abortion is a woman’s choice”, and ask what right you have to impose your narrow moralistic views on women who want abortions. They accuse you of extreme chauvinism. Some argue that the world can’t support any more babies and surely it is better to kill them rather than let them live in misery. Some ask what you are doing to stop global warming. They challenge you to care for all “unwanted children” and all women with unplanned pregnancies. They ask what you are doing about homelessness, hunger, poverty, nuclear weapons, and the war in Afghanistan”?

They ask you why you don’t concern yourself with the living. You say “The killing of innocent children is murder. Surely you can’t support this. Those killed by abortion and birth control drugs and devices were very much alive until they were killed by these means. Everyone once was a tiny human embryo. Jesus the Creator of the Universe was once a tiny embryo in His Holy Mother’s womb. Jesus was only a few days old when John the Baptist, then also an unborn child, unhesitatingly recognised him and leaped for joy in His presence”.

You say, “the Eternal, Almighty Lord of Creation loves each and every one so much that he died to save us from sin and death. He who holds the universe in the palm of his hand has created us in His own image and likeness and will bless abundantly those who honour Him by keeping His Commandments. He will not be outdone in generosity and will richly reward us on the day of judgement”. You say, “Here in this pro-life apostolate you can easily find all the graces needed to save your soul and the souls of many other men and women. Furthermore, you say, “Dear friends, all the things that you challenge me to do in order to stop abortion and to help pregnant women I am more than willing to do, but I can’t do it all on my own and I need your help”. At this point most of them turn away

Strangely unmoved by the plight of unborn children, most Catholics willingly pray for the hungry; the oppressed; victims of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis; for the ending of wars in far-away lands; for violence to stop; for victims of sexual and other abuse; for discrimination against people of other races to ends; for those killed on the motorways; and for almost everything else, but never a prayer is said for pregnant women who might be thinking of abortion or for children murdered by surgical abortion and by the IUD “The Pill” and “the morning after pill”, nor for the mothers and fathers of these aborted children.

You complain to Jesus and say “Lord, my bishop and my parish priest prioritise love, justice and peace, but they will not mention the slaughter of children by abortion and will never speak about soul-destroying contraception. They refuse to ask You, who can do all things, to stop this killing. Lord, my bishop and priest will not protest about this and I really fail to understand their apathy, especially so when they seem sensitive to so many other problems in society.”

Tragically, most of your fellow Catholics don’t see tiny unborn children as their neighbours who in abortion are victims of the ultimate form of violent child abuse. They refuse to acknowledge that the Pill and other Contraceptive devices kill very young human beings. They can’t understand that these evils turn the womb into a bloody tomb and turn women into walking graveyards. In your appalling nightmare you ask your neighbours why they will not say anything about this mind-numbing evil, for after all, this silent holocaust is the greatest loss of human life in all history, by far the greatest of all human tragedies. The deaths of the Second World War are small by comparison.

In bewilderment, like Fr. John Powell you ask, “Why can’t you see what I see, why don’t you feel what I feel”? You implore your fellow Catholics for help, you say “To defend the sacredness human life and your own immortal souls, I beg you, do not pass by with averted eyes on the other side of the road to Jericho. For in truth the victim you see lying there is Jesus.”

Possibly once a year your pastor might allow a pro-life collection. The apathy of most of your fellow Catholics and their failure to oppose the Culture of Death and help stop the slaughter is the very worst part of your nightmare.

You hear Edmund Burke say, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.

You begin to understand a little of how Jesus felt, “He came unto his own and his own received him not”. You implore Jesus the Lord of Life, “Lord that I might see. Lord that I might hear. Lord, you can do all things, just as you raised Lazarus from the dead, so also we implore you to raise us from this spiritual death”.

In this seemingly unending nightmare you feel that you are going to die of a broken heart, to die of terror and of profound mind-shattering revulsion and anguish. But some are willing to learn the truth and are ready to oppose the Culture of Death. These noble souls profoundly console, encourage and assist you in what they also see as their own struggle.

Suddenly you wake up. You are still weak with terror. Your heart is thumping, your vision blurred by tears. Your palms are sweaty. Your hands and knees tremble. In your nostrils you still seem to smell the blood of aborted children and the antiseptic smell of the abortuaries, you still seem to see the smoking chimneys of the incinerators used to burn the aborted babies. The silent screams of aborted babies and the sound of the garbage grinding waste disposal units which dispose of them reverberates around your brain. You remember their frantic and hopeless efforts to escape the instruments held by the slaughter-men.

You are now fully awake and you thank God and your Guardian Angel that you have finally woken from that long most terrible night, a truly dark night of the soul. You know that you simply had to wake yourself, because the horror of it all was so unbearable that, had it continued for very much longer, you feared for your life and sanity. Again you thank God and His most Holy Mother that you are still alive.

But then you realise that what you experienced during the night is as real as the blessed morning light coming in your window. It was not simply a terrifying dream. You live in such a vile society and you are surrounded by the realities of what you saw during that fearful night.

Yet as you look out of your window all seems so very normal. But the harsh truth is that underneath the apparent normality, lies the reality of what happens. Every part of your nightmare is true. You reside in one of the principal strongholds of the culture of death. This very day in England’s Green and Pleasant Land, once known as “Our Lady’s Dowry”, 600 babies will be brutally and mercilessly, killed by legal abortion.

The Abortion Act was passed in 1967 and signed into law by Queen Elizabeth, who bears the title of “Defender of the Faith”It was introduced and piloted through Parliament by David Steel. Subsequently the Queen raised him to the Peerage and he is now Lord Steel of Aikwood. He became first Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament and was appointed Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. In 2004, the Queen made Lord Steel a Knight of the Order of the Thistle – the highest honor in Scotland. Since the passage of that law approximately 7 million children have been aborted.

London is a key stronghold of the Culture of Death. In it lie the headquarters of International Planned Parenthood Federation, the world’s largest agent of abortion, abortifacient birth control and sexual depravity. It works to undermine and then overthrow every last vestige of resistance to abortion and sexual morality all over the world.

Also in London are the headquarters of the Marie Stopes Organisation which promotes and provides abortion and sexual permissiveness in many countries. In the third world it advertises its abortion “services” on garbage bins. The Brook Advisory another agent of sexual immorality, abortifacents and abortion is also based in London.

The British Overseas Development Corporation funds population control and abortion in many countries. In South Africa it funded a local agent of Planned Parenthood which performed illegal abortions many years before the introduction of Nelson Mandela’s brutal “Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act”.

The UK is in the forefront of foetal experimentation; test-tube baby programs; human cloning; the creation of human-animal chimeras; genetic engineering; Euthanasia and Sex Education. The State, although it has anti-rape laws, condones and supports the sexual abuse of under-age girls, by supplying them with drugs and devices so that they can take part in “safe” sexual intercourse without becoming pregnant. Furthermore, when their birth control fails the State arranges for these juvenile mothers to be aborted, without even informing their parents. In doing this they are, in reality, aiding and abetting Statutory Rape.

While the media unhesitatingly publish cases of child abuse by Catholic Priests, yet the sexual abuse of huge numbers of other children is simply condoned and facilitated by giving out birth control drugs, devices and abortions to minors and by prurient “sex education”. Our schizophrenic society sees violence as criminal yet unhesitatingly supports the violence of abortion.

Throughout the developed world the situation is much the same. President Obama is radically pro-abortion, always voting for it, even for Partial-birth abortion when the baby is killed in the very process of being born. He supports foetal experimentation and despite the financial crisis fully funds Planned Parenthood, yet, knowing all of this and despite protests from the Bishop and alumni, he was honored by Notre Dame, the most famous Catholic University in the USA.

Ted Kennedy, another pro-abortionist received a full Catholic funeral attended by the Archbishop of Boston. Other notorious pro-abortions politicians such as Democratic Party Leader Pelosi and Vice President Biden, who claim to be Catholics, are permitted to receive Holy Communion. Truly, as Pope Paul VI said, “from some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.”

Nowadays Catholic women use birth control drugs and devices and even have abortions at the same rate as non-Catholics. Some studies in the USA indicate that Catholic women have surgical abortions with even greater frequency than non-Catholics.

Amongst the diminishing numbers of Catholics who still go to church, some have qualms about birth control, but are regularly told by the clergy to follow their own consciences in these matters without the forming and informing those consciences. Traitorous theologians, bishops and archbishops, who are euphemistically called “dissidents”, deny the validity of the church’s consistent teaching that contraception is intrinsically evil.

Publications contradicting Catholic teaching and the authority of Pope Pius XI in Casti Connubii, Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae and Pope John Paul II in Evangelium Vitae are on sale after Sunday Mass. Meanwhile the laity rarely hear about the valid use of natural fertility regulation when used by married couples in special circumstances. In fact I have heard priests ridicule Humanae Vitae as “Paul’s Epistle to the Fallopians” and NFP as “Vatican Roulette”. Truly, “For lack of a vision the people perish”.

The scandal of journals, like The Tablet, supporting and promoting the denial of the authority of Humanae Vitae of Pope Paul VI, even now some 43 years after its publication, especially when all the prophecies by Pope Paul VI have come about, is an ongoing abomination.

Faithful Catholics constantly ask why the leaders of the Church take no action to punish traitors to the faith including those who condone the killing of the unborn by the use of abortifacient birth control drugs. Drugs whose abortifacient action their own manufacturers admit, but which “dissident” theologians and hierarchy continue to ignore. Abortions caused by birth control drugs outnumber surgical abortions by 10 to 1.

In this most terrible war against life, we again and again ask “Wwy are these traitors not excommunicated and banished to the abysmal darkness outside the Church”? Orthodox Catholics and the pro-life community in particular, loyal foot-soldiers of the Church Militant, are profoundly scandalised and estranged from many of their bishops and priests by this kind of betrayal and sabotage.

When a surgeon discovers a malignant tumor he cuts it out in an attempt to save the life of his patient. If the cancer is in the eye he removes the eye, on the hand or leg he may have to amputate the limb. Yet malignant tumors are more often than not left totally undisturbed inside the body of the church even when they reside in Catholic chanceries, seminaries and universities. Jesus says “If your eye offends you pluck it out lest it destroy your whole body”

Abortion is now normal in the formerly Catholic countries of Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Portugal and BelgiumThe only places in Europe where abortion is still forbidden are Ireland and Malta

As reported in the Catholic Herald on 21 January 2011 Tory MP Nadine Dorries, who was seeking to reduce the upper limit for abortions to 20 weeks from 24 weeks, told The Catholic Herald that she feels badly let down by church leaders – both Anglican and Catholic – in her fight to reform Britain’s abortion law. She said “I need religious support. It is our core support. I need the churches being more involved, and the churches have been pathetic, pathetic, during the abortion debate in their support for what I was trying to do. The Church of England was the worst and the only person in the Catholic Church who made any comment was Cardinal O’Brien. Everybody was silent because the churches were weak and cowardly in their position”.

To digress for a moment, on the 6th of May 2011, Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, criticised the killing of terrorist mass-murderer Bin Laden, saying “the killing of an unarmed man is always going to leave a very uncomfortable feeling”. However he maintains a deafening silence when it comes to the murder by abortion of 600 totally innocent, helpless babies each day right in his own back yard.

The Catholic Herald goes on to say “The hierarchy was also tragically ineffective in campaigning against the 1967 Abortion Act. Lay Catholics fought bravely against the law, but the bishops woke up to it late and issued only a few weak statements.” The Herald then continues with the following astonishing statement; “On the other hand, is it fair to blame the Church? After all, the pro-life movement as a whole has not had any success in changing the law. And perhaps Church leaders being more vociferous would harm, rather than help, the cause”.

As someone once said, “Silence is not golden, it is yellow”. To fear to tell the truth, to fear to speak out in defence of the unborn, in defence of morality, in defence of Christian Civilisation, in defence of the teaching of Jesus, in defence of the Catholic Faith, is utter cowardice. Those bishops and priests who fail to speak up and defend innocent helpless human life are unworthy of their office. They commit treason against God and betrayal of the Church militant. In the army traitors and cowards are court-marshalled, cashiered, stripped of their rank, imprisoned and even, in the past, executed for cowardice in the face of the enemy, and they are never buried in a military cemetery.

In Proverbs 24:10-11 God says, "If you remain indifferent in time of adversity, your strength will depart from you. Rescue those who are being dragged to death and from those tottering to execution withdraw not."

Why has the pro-life movement not been able to change the law? The answer is that we have had so little support from the bishops who apart from one or two noble exceptions are impassive. Even worse, some bishops criticise and undermine pro-life activists and leaders. Tragically the majority of the Bishops and clergy have shown apathy for the pro-life cause other than on rare occasions paying lip-service to it.

Why will Bishops, once again with noble exceptions, not teach their flocks about the intrinsic evil of contraception and the countless very early abortions brought about by the so-called Contraceptives? Naturally it is essential to differentiate between those methods of Birth Control which are contraceptive and those like “The Pill”, which, while sometimes acting as contraceptives, are also abortive.

When society accepts and normalises abortion what else is such a society not capable of. If the Clergy cannot speak and act to defend unborn children then what can they possibly say about fraud, or theft or sexual immorality for that matter any other moral ill whatsoever. In such silence and such inaction they lose all moral authority.

What good is the right to worship; the right to freedom of religion; to freedom of speech; the right to marry and to bear children; the right to vote; to shelter; to food and water; to medical care; to education and so on if the fundamental right to life is denied by abortion. What good are all of these human rights to the children mercilessly murdered in the womb? Also in failing to defend life, we weaken the position of the rest of us, who have escaped abortion.

This fight needs courage and faith and clearly in this, the majority of Catholic laity and clergy are lacking. Many bishops and priests seem to fear that they might suffer injuries, insults and be wounded on behalf of Christ. Accordingly most prefer rather to preach and write pastorals and politically correct statements on non-controversial issues.

However the Church has always taught about sins of omission. In the Confiteor we beg God’s forgiveness for those things we have done and for those things we have failed to do. When the failure to act concerns a very grave matter such as the murder of innocent children then those who fail to speak and teach and act against such diabolical evil share in its guilt.

While the church is ever busy in trying to implement the corporal works of mercy, the spiritual works of mercy are generally ignored. Works of mercy such as: to instruct the ignorant; to counsel the doubtful; and to admonish sinners. Sadly the overwhelming majority of the clergy will not speak about these crucial issues even in the sheltered and protected environments of their own churches and Cathedrals while preaching to their own tame flocks. I have worked as a doctor in the UK for 10 years and have attended Holy Mass at least once a week, but I have never heard a sermon on abortion, contraception, or sexual immorality outside of Pro-Life meetings such as this. As far as so many of the clergy are concerned the pro-life battle goes by default

The Great Saint Athanasius, Bishop and Patriarch of Alexandria, stood virtually alone against the Arian Heresy which had infested and almost destroyed the Church in his time. Heretical bishops had even put a price on his head. They hired assassins to kill him. He went into hiding on many occasions, hidden by the very few bishops, priests and laity who loved him. St Athanasius, the great Doctor of the Church, illustrated his appraisal of the great majority of the bishops of that time when he said, “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.” In 1973, Bishop Rudolph Graber of Regensburg published “Athanasius and the Church of Our Time”, an astonishing book which explained much of what is happening in the Church today. Bishop Graber pleads for Bishops of the courage and calibre of St Athanasius. The saintly Dietrich von Hildebrand, whom Pope Pius XII considered to be the greatest theologian of the 20th Century revealed and explained the present state of the Catholic Church in two of his books, “The Trojan Horse in the City of God” and “The Devastated Vineyard.”

So what kind of Bishops do we need to oppose the culture of Death? Bishop Austin Vaughan of New York marvellously provides us with just such an example. Bishop Vaughan was arrested and jailed on 10 occasions for participating in Operation Rescue’s nonviolent protests aimed at shutting down abortion clinics. Particularly by forming a human barrier at the entrances to abortuaries. Even in a wheel chair after suffering many strokes Bishop Vaughan continued to take part in these life-saving blockades. Speaking at an Operation Rescue rally, Bishop Vaughan explained that on his episcopal ring were the images of Jesus, St. Peter and St. Paul and that all three were arrested, put in jail and killed for their witness to the truth. Joan Andrews Bell said of him "He brought everyone a notch higher in their witness to the sanctity of life," "He provided us with the support of a shepherd which is so needed in what is still a daily struggle for the lives of the babies". At the time of his first sentence in Chester County, Pa., in November 1988, Bishop Vaughan said: "When the choice is between murder and trespassing, there's no choice at all."

Today the Church desperately needs more holy bishops and priests. True shepherds who are willing to defend the Faith, their flocks and the lives of all children, born and unborn, if need be even with their own lives. Men who will unhesitatingly bear witness to the truth.

But when society forgets or denies God as ours now does – what then is the basis of truth and justice in society? In civil transactions, in the Courts of Law, in social life? How do you swear to tell the truth if Jesus who is Truth is denied? What does the oath of office now signify? As the great Russian writer Dostoyevsky said, “If God is not, then nothing is impermissible”.

Fr. Paul Marx OSB, who established pro-life centres all over the world, was told by Pope John Paul II who said “Fr. Marx, you are doing the most important work on earth”. Often, Fr. Marx had to contend with opposition and even persecution from some bishops, abbots and priests. He advised us not to be worried if we don’t get help in trying to defend human life. “Cowards walk in groups, the brave walk alone” he said. “If help arrives and encouragement is afforded you, thank God and rejoice, but when you find yourself alone on the battlefield, you must fight bravely on. After all you are never alone, you will always have Jesus, Our Holy Mother and all the saints and angels with you. If God is with you who can be against you”?

In the battle to defend life, all our strength, courage, strategies, plans and inspirations are from Jesus. Listen to Him when He says “Without me you can do nothing”. “Do whatever He tells you”, Our Blessed Mother says to the chief steward at the wedding feast at Cana. We must do likewise.

The present situation on the battlefield of the Sanctity of Human Life looks dire indeed. But we can change it. Jesus, calls, inspires and empowers us to change it.

“And Jesus answering, said to them: Amen, I say to you, if you shall have faith, and stagger not, not only this of the fig tree shall you do, but also if you shall say to this mountain, Take up and cast thyself into the sea, it shall be done”.

We must escape from the land of the lotus eaters that so many now live in. The deadly narcotic effects that society has on us must be resisted. We must rouse, train and arm ourselves for intense spiritual combat. Besides the Holy Bible, Butler’s Lives of the Saints, “Spiritual Combat” by Fr. Scupoli, “The Soul of the Apostolate” by Dom. Chautard and “The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis” are deeply inspirational.

In opposing the culture of Death we must work in all the institutions of society. In the fields of Politics; Religion; Economics; Law; Family and Kinship; Welfare and Social Services; Education; Recreation; Art; Music; Plays; Entertainment; the Media including the internet and blogs; and in Medicine; Science and Nursing. The Culture of Death has infiltrated and entrenched itself deeply in all of these and in all of them we must oppose and defeat it. Our task is to replace the Ideas, Beliefs and Values of the Culture of Death with those taught by Jesus and by the authentic magisterium of the Church. Our objective is to replace the Culture of Death with the Gospel of Life. Never let us never be downhearted. Mother Teresa of Calcutta reminded us that God does not call us to be successful, He calls us to be faithful.

In engaging the enemy in mortal combat, no prisoners are taken; no surrender is thinkable or possible, no truces or peace treaties can possibly be entered into. It is a struggle to the death to save life and souls.

In this titanic struggle we must unhesitatingly follow our Supreme Commander, Jesus Himself. We must obey his instructions to the letter, instructions found in the Holy Bible and in the teaching of the Catholic Church. The nourishment which makes us invincible in battle is derived from our worthy reception of the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The other Sacraments strengthen and encourage us.

Our weapons are primarily Faith, Hope and Charity, the Rosary and our unceasing prayers, sacrifices and penances. Jesus tells us that some Devils are only thrown out by prayer and fasting. The great Saint Padre Pio, called his rosary “My weapon”. This supreme weapon especially given to us by the Queen of Heaven saved Christian civilisation against the Albigensians and at Lepanto, it will save us yet again if we increasingly use and rely on it in honouring her and her Divine Son.

Gods Holy Spirit prepares us and readies us for battle and steadies us in its fierce heat. He equips us to defeat our enemy by bestowing on us His special gifts of The Holy Fear of God; Piety; Knowledge; Fortitude; Counsel; Understanding; and Wisdom.

The enemy has overrun many, perhaps most of our strategic positions, infiltrated high levels of our command, corrupted, split and demoralised many of our forces, and he controls the major avenues of propaganda. Yet our victory is assured. In fact our victory was won 2000 years ago on the Battlefield of Calvary, on the summit of the hill otherwise called Golgotha “the place of the Skull”, when Jesus said “It is accomplished” Never forget that we are on the side of God and the Queen of the Angels and Saints. We are protected under Her mantle and She it is who will finally crush the head of the evil one. This final event will come about in God’s good time.

This is a wonderful period of history for us to live in. Challenges and opportunities to promote God’s Kingdom are plentiful and great graces are superabundant. They are there for the taking. In times of great evil, God raises up great Saints. You and I are called by God to be such Saints. He tells us that whatever we ask in His name He will grant us.

But the defeated forces of the enemy, for the last 2000 years, have been trying to fight a rearguard action. These have to be mopped up and as the church militant, that is our prime task. The demons know this, they hear our ancient Christian battle cries, they see our glorious Pendants, Banners and Weapons, they see St. Michael and the heavenly host and are in terror knowing that Jesus is our King and that the Most Holy Virgin Mother of God and St Joseph, “the terror of demons”, are our beloved Patrons.

Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat.

Christ Conquers, Christ Rules, Christ Reigns.

I close with that the ancient prayer, composed by St Bernard imploring the help of our most Holy Mother.

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary,

that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection,

implored thy help or sought thy intercession, was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee,

O Virgin of virgins my Mother; to thee I come,

before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful;

O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions,

but in thy mercy hear and answer me”.


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